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Initial concepts

The initial concept phase offers a variety of creative options. This phase introduces visual expression into the product definition and requirements to set the proper foundation. In this stage, the team develops the product look—stretching and challenging the limitations, to maximize the design and features, while meeting functional requirements. Synergy presents the shape and design to the end user, factoring ergonomics in the product character and the environment—most often with the goal to position the product as the innovative market leader. 

During the concept phase, the engineering team generates a proof of concept, evaluates practical and mechanical requirements and provides engineering solutions tailored to the product.

In this stage, Synergy drafts tangible sketches, directly converted to the 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system, taking on robust dimensions through hands-on 3D computer simulation alternatives. The team, after discussing the options with the client, selects the best alternative.


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