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Final model development

The Synergy engineering team converts the design into parts and assembly components, such as mounting bosses, pins, snaps, and ribs, ensuring that the product is optimized for mass production, assembly, and packaging. The team validates the solution by performing tests and analyses, such as dynamic analyses, stress analyses, drop test simulations, thermal analyses and fluid flow simulation.

The final model development phase marks the completion of product design prior to mass production. At this stage, the engineering and design team finalized the mechanical foundation, with activities including:


• Fine tuning the plan and design based on the production method using the following option(s):
• High-pressure injection
• Low-pressure injection
• Two-component injection
• Double injection
• Gas injection
• Silicon molding
• Carbon and glass fiber-reinforced sheet molding
• Extrusion
• Vacuum forming
• Plastic, metal and wood machining
• Laser cutting
• Die cutting
• Hot press molding

• Engineering mechanical mechanisms and connector solutions

• Adding bus conductors, snaps, and reinforcement ribs; defining circuitry boards, inserts, and product     wiring (as needed); and including other elements, to make sure the product is ideally designed for     mass production

• Performing a variety of part analyses: dynamic analyses, peak load analyses, thermal analyses, and     material flow tests

• Producing full-working real-scale 3D models to help confirm functionality, evaluate each technical     component, and ensure that all the elements work optimally together. These models offer an     objective evaluation of the end-user experience and verify that the product meets all the requirements.




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