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Product design, planning, and development

Synergy plans, designs, and develops plastic-based and related products, using a sophisticated proven methodology to develop and improve a wide range of products in the following categories:


Medical devices
Industrial products
Security and military products
Do-it-yourself (DIY) products



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You will meet industrial and plastic-product designers, electronic engineers, ergonomic specialists, psychologists, and market experts. With state-of-the-art material and manufacturing-process expertise, the combined team contributes added value into the technology and process—and ultimately, the end product.

The multidisciplinary Synergy approach enables clients to benefit from our professional services. Integrating Synergy Studio’s highly effective concept definition, project management and systematic development ends up in a product that meets or exceeds our clients’ requirements.


The complete Synergy product design and development methodology includes:


• Research
• Preliminary design
• Initial concept development
• Ergonomic 1:1 models
• Advanced design
• Advanced engineering design and final model development
• Overseeing the initial manufacturing process (such as plastic injection)
• Broad-scale production


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