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Synergy specializes in industrial design for entrepreneurs and start-ups—offering expert solutions from initial concept through mass production:

Industrial design for first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs

Patent holders and applicants, who wish to develop products, receive value-added Synergy services—with creative, practical, and implementable design ideas and technological solutions.

Services during any and all product lifecycle development stages

Synergy provides design and product development services to entrepreneurs driven to convert idea into product. From concept through final commercial production, or during targeted phases throughout product development, Synergy offers complete range of solutions.

Entrepreneurs and start-up companies, wishing to plan a product, prototype model design to recruit investors, test feasibility or investigate marketing viability, can benefit from the quality and precision offered by Synergy.

Entrepreneurs benefit from Synergy’s proven methodology and experience in a wide range of production methods and industries: plastics, electronics, consumer devices, DIY products, medical devices, industrial products, and more.

Synergy also co-founds business partnerships with start-ups for joint new product development and commercialization.


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