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About Synergy

Synergy is a leading Israeli design and product development center. Synergy was established in  Netanya by Michael Librus and headed since by him.

Synergy’s goals are: development, promotion and support to innovators and inventors in converting their ideas into real products which the markets need and look for.


Synergy is a one stop shop.  Synergy walks the client through a proven design and manufacturing methodology. The process combines concept drawings, computer illustrations, prototype and 3D printed models, until a perfect and advanced product is reached.


The wide range of experienced and professional industrial designers, model developers and planners enables Synergy to perfectly accommodate the needs of its clients by offering a wide spectrum of creative solutions, utilizing the latest technology and materials.


Synergy designed, planned, developed and brought into the markets hundreds of industrial and state of the art projects in a wide range of areas, including consumer and household products, medical devices, high-tech instruments and gadgets, agricultural tools, sales promotion kits and systems, toys.


3D printing is a fairly modern industrial design technology, which became more and more popular over the past few years. The 3D printer converts computerized data files into a real size model. Thus, enables the client to examine a real version of his product in order to refine and improve it.

The advantage of a the 3D printing technology is that one can create a prototype which is very close to the final product, so that it can be shown to potential investors and to potential clients.


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  • 7 Arie Regev St. Netanya, Israel 4250416, P.O box 8631,